Anne Stephenson and the team at STL have always been able to think outside the square and have helped me set up the various vehicles I need, while also minimising my taxes, but this doesn't stop after they set things up. This year my situation has changed and, without being asked, STL had some excellent suggestions for fine tuning my structure to further minimise my tax position into next year. I was as impressed with this as I was with the way Rakesh was able to explain all that to me.
Nic Ballara, BBC Architects

I can't recommend STL highly enough. The advice is crystal clear, accurate and trustworthy. They are always easy to get hold of and available for a face to face when I need them. I feel like they always have time for me. The fees and charges are always quoted upfront and are detailed and transparent. I am a busy person and I have found since coming on board with STL I have more time for the important things like making sure that my business is running effectively. They have made my life a lot easier and business is cranking.
Richard Long, Cardea Construction

What I do know is that Stephenson Thorner ARE trusted advisors. They have the unique ability to be able to relate to your business. Because they are more than just ‘accountants’ – they are strategically clever business people who have your best interests at heart – above and beyond the call of duty. I endorse them – and I thank them for being ‘outside of the square’. Because so am I – so we are a perfect match!
Debbie Baker, Strictly Media Limited

I came across Anne as a result of a commercial deal that I was involved in that had come unstuck. Anne unbundled the transaction and in doing so demonstrated expertise that one expects from their accountant but which are rare. Anne has continued to help in this matter and has shown time and time again that she is an accountant of the highest quality. I have the utmost faith in Anne's ability and only wish that I had come across her sooner.
Paul Englert, OPRA Group

A two hour strategic brainstorming session with Troy and Anne allowed me to identify the key areas where I could make some dramatic improvements to my business, and also some practical steps to make it happen. It also made me aware that taking time out to think about business strategies is on a regular basis will provide me with some huge benefits.
Gavin McLaughlin, GTP Holdings Limited

I just wanted to let you know that Rakesh and Troy are awesome to work with; I'm stoked to have made the decision to use your services for my personal and professional life outside of the art show and I'm feeling really happy about that - like a huge weight has been taken off my shoulders.
Carla Russell, NZ Art Show

I would like to take the opportunity to publicly thank Stephenson Thorner for their accountancy (and beyond) expertise. As a new participant in property development, their guiding hand has been a key in helping me to manage what at times are complex financial affairs. They have guided, prodded and encouraged me, and professionally serviced my company's needs. Their communication has been excellent and I look forward to an ongoing partnership as my rural subdivision moves to its next phase.
Peter Kerr, Taraire Developments

Stephenson Thorner have always put my business first – and explain in every day language what is going on – on a month to month basis.  They are not a book-keeping company – every few weeks I get a solution from Stephenson Thorner – suggesting improvements, ways to help my business grow. Often there are non-accountancy solutions – like the time that I was introduced through a major networking meeting via their principal director.  And my recent successful meeting with another high-level CEO.
Debbie Baker, Strictly Media Limited

I love Rakesh. I wish I’d known him 10 years ago because he would have saved me a lot of money. There are accountants who are accountants, and there are accountants who understand finance (and more particularly, my personal finances). Rakesh is one of the latter.
Declan Walsh, property investor

Hutt Gas and Plumbing Systems Ltd have been using Stephenson and Thorner for just on 12 months now, during this time we have found them to be more than just an accounting firm.  They have offered us a wide range of support to assist our business from opportunities to attend networking sessions, information about GPS systems, introduced and transitioned us to Xero and gradually unlocked all of the potential of this system for us, and recommended a person to assist in our strategic planning sessions.  Our main points of contact have been Troy and Anne – Troy is just brilliant at firing ideas for how your business can save money, systemise and grow using the different contacts that Stephenson and Thorner have, and Anne who offers sound, commonsense advice and just “tells you how it is”.    We would thoroughly recommend Stephenson and Thorner to businesses of any size – and if you want to make changes and challenge yourselves, these guys will be with you every step of the way.

Colleen Upton, Hutt Gas and Plumbing Systems Limited

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