Business growth

"In business, the competition will bite you if you keep running; if you stand still, they will swallow you." William Knudsen

If your business is not growing then it will be going backwards - your competition will be growing, your customers will be wanting more, and the market will be changing. That means that you, as the business owner, have to shift your focus away from doing what is urgent right now, to looking at what is important for your business in the future. Failure to do so could result is you becoming a slave to your business, and your business failing to deliver on your goals. Sometimes you need someone else who is not involved in the day to day activities to act as a sounding board, to bring in different skills and to help you achieve the goals you had when you first set up your business. Above all else, we focus on practical, results-orientated solutions and meet with you regularly to provide the assistance you need to make it happen.

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Strategic planning

We’re big believers in having longer term strategic goals, and short term tactical plans that help you achieve your goals.

The strategic plan forms the bedrock for your business, starting with the reason why you’re in business, how you operate, who your target market is and what makes you different from your competitors. Armed with that knowledge your team members have guidelines that will empower them to make the right business decisions without having to involve you. A strategic plan doesn’t have to be a big document (in fact, we prefer the one-page strategic plan), but it does have to be alive – and that means reviewing it on a regular basis and setting the next batch of tactical goals.

By understanding what gives your life meaning we help you design a roadmap so your business delivers you the lifestyle you want. Our team works with you to develop inspiring and achievable strategic and tactical plans that'll have you excited about your business and going to work every day.

On-going education

In a rapidly changing world it’s important to stay abreast of new developments. We’re now working in a knowledge economy so staying up to date, being innovative and remaining relevant is critical to your success.

We read widely and we love passing on new knowledge to our clients.

Managing growth

As your business grows it will reach a level of complexity that requires a radical overhaul of how you do things and what you, personally, do every day at work.

One of the best things you can do is delegate, but first you have to be certain that your processes, systems and financial controls allow your team to deliver a consistent experience to your customers, without any input from you. That’s where we come in – we understand the business growth cycle and have tools that will help you manage your business growth, so your business delivers you the lifestyle you want.

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