September 2011

Take Yourself (and a Friend) to Australia- We'll Pay

Posted September 8, 2011
Category Business Growth
We're looking to fill two accounting roles - a vibrant senior manager and an exceptional accountant.  If you can help us by  referring someone that we ultimately employ, we'll pay for you and a friend to fly to Australia (or NZ, if you're already in Australia) and give you $500 spending money on top.

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Penny & Hooper - IRD speaks. You'd better listen.

Posted September 1, 2011
Category Taxation
IRD has issued their views on what level of profits in a service business should be allocated and taxed in the hands of the owner, in light of last week's Supreme Court decision in the Penny & Hooper case.  There are potentially a huge number of businesses that IRD might investigate to determine whether tax avoidance has occurred.

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